• Commercial Contract

    In the field of commercial contract, a particular attention is paid to the deepening of the post-sales distribution and post-sales support, as well as to commercial promotion (agency, distributorship, franchise, sponsorship), to relationships needed for purchases and special financing transactions (public procurement, provision, partnerships, outsourcing, collateral security) and to industrial property management (patents, trademarks, merchandising), IT contracts and new technologies (internet, e-commerce).

  • Commercial Law

    The law firm Ponti & Partners usually operates in the corporate finance field (mergers and acquisitions of corporations and companies). It provides "personalized" by-laws and corporate governance clauses (shareholders' agreements, also aimed at management deals, buy out, buy in, leveraged).

    The study provides its assistance in the area of ​​strategic planning and resolution of group structural crises, in the area of innovative special financing operations (trade on a restricted market), in the matters of anti-trust and in those related to the transmission of the company and the family trust as well as in the drafting of cooperation agreements other than the company ones (consortia, joint ventures, temporary groupings of companies (RTI) - EEIG).

  • Bankruptcy and Banking Law, Dispute

    The Ponti & Partners law firm deals with the dispute and court arbitration related to corporate matters (with particular reference to litigations between shareholders, liability actions towards directors and auditors, appeals against shareholders' meetings) and banking and bankruptcy matters (liability actions towards banks, action to void fraudulent conveyance).

  • Criminal Law of the Enterprise and the Public Utility

    The Ponti & Partners law firm provides customer assistance and advice to the various areas of criminal law of the enterprise (tax and bankruptcy offences, financial misconduct, trademark crimes) and the public utility law, also supported by some specific experiences gained by the lawyer Luca Ponti in the era of the great Italian judicial inquiries on corruption in public administration and irregularities in financing political parties.

  • Law on the Environment and Urban and Territorial Planning

    The Ponti & Partners law firm provides consulting and legal assistance in the field of urban planning (appeals against Local Plans and other Unitary Development Plans in general, drafting of observations and objections), in the field of construction (denial of building licence, appeal of building licence issued to third parties), in the environmental field (localization and realization of pits and dumping grounds, renewal and reclamation costs, organization of public water system and waste management, liability for environmental damage) and in general in land management.

    The owned expertise also relates to the criminal law of the environment and of the building (infringement of local building regulations, offence in waste management, body of water discharge).

  • Public Procurement Law, Local Authorities and Public Services

    Our customers could also benefit from the experience gained through the study of the phases needed for preparing the tenders for public bids, as well as through the disputes arisen in competitive bids for public works, provision, public service contracts and public-sector contracts; the law firm deals also with the drafting of the agreements with public administration or with authorities managing a public utility.

    Furthermore, our professionals can assist public and private customers on the matters related to public service organization, public concessions, and Project Financing.