News 07/06/2022

P&P among the Top Law Firms according to Milano Finanza

News 16/05/2022

P&P selected in Il Sole 24 ORE "Law Firms of the Year 2022"

Press Review 09/11/2021

TopLegal, "Osservatorio Piazze d'Italia"

Conference 14/06/2022

29.06.2022 - Finance Day - CUOA


The Firm

Ponti & Partners represents the evolution of the Ponti law firm, founded by Luca Ponti. Over the years Luca Ponti’s original collegues, the lawyers Luca De Pauli, Paolo Panella and Francesca Spadetto, have become together an integral part of a structure that, in the harmony of co-operation and teamwork, has found its ideal dimension and optimal organisation.

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The specificity of Ponti & Partners law firm is to offer a prompt, accurate and ongoing service of judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance, in order to find the best solution in multidisciplinary cases, thanks to the wide and diversified endowment of skills of its team of professionals.

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08 Jun 2022

Milano Finanza “The Super Lawyers and The Super Corporate Law Firms 2022”

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16 May 2022

Il Sole 24 ORE "Law Firms of the Year 2022"

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10 Oct 2021

Milano Finanza "Territory's Legal Award 2021"

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News 07 Jun 2022

Ponti & Partners among the Top Law Firms according to Milano Finanza

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Insights 13 Oct 2021

Clausole di divergenza gestionale

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Press Review 26 Nov 2021

Capital, "The best lawyers and the best law firms in the territory 2021"

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Conference 14 Jun 2022

Luca Ponti speaker at the Finance Day 2022 - CUOA Business School

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Ponti & Partners photobook - a landing place that evolves in the stages of a journey

In our law firm we are convinced that the world is not always and only black or white. Some may consider us a bit unconventional and we certainly never lack the desire to play down.
Our professional path is made of commitment and passion that continuously evolves following the stages of a journey made of infinite shades of colors.
An exploration of distant worlds, territories to be discovered, details to be grasped, knowledge and cultures to be shared.
A series of interesting and fun ideas to reflect on our daily activities, and why not, to let us laugh at ourselves.

Join us on this journey...