Ponti & Partners

Ponti & Partners represents the evolution of the Ponti law firm, founded by Luca Ponti.

Over the years, Luca Ponti’s original colleagues, the lawyers Luca De Pauli, Paolo Panella and Francesca Spadetto, have become together an integral part of a structure that, in the harmony of co-operation and teamwork, has found its ideal dimension and optimal organisation.

The path was completed in 2017: Ponti & Partners law firm has its headquarter in Udine and its branch offices in Milan and Rome.

Ponti & Partners provides assistance in the major areas of company law, with particular reference to commercial and corporate law, banking, financial and bankruptcy law, as well as national and international contract law.

It also works in the field of corporate criminal law and public administration law, environmental law, land use and urban planning law and public procurement law.

The specificity of Ponti & Partners law firm is to offer a prompt, accurate and ongoing service of judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance, in order to find the best solution in multidisciplinary cases, thanks to the wide and diversified endowment of skills of its team of professionals.

Ponti & Partners law firm also uses several correspondents at national and international level. It is characterised by a flexible organisation and a high level of customisation of the required legal interventions, tailored to the specific client who comes to the firm, always in a context of absolute discretion and confidentiality in solving different business needs.


The law firm’s most recent awards include:



The Ponti & Partners firm fearures in the exclusive book “The Best Lawyers and the Best Corporate Law Firms 2021“, published by Class Editori, which divides the best Italian firms and lawyers into: Elite (the top 10), Best (from 11 to 20), Selected (from 21).
Ponti & Partners falls in 7 areas of expertise:

Best in the practice Penal Law

Selected in the practices Dispute Resolution, M&A Mid Market ,M&A Small Cap, Public Law, Restructuring & Insolvency, Tax Dispute



Ponti & Partners has been selected as Business Partner in the exclusive Partner 24 ORE network. Specialization: corporate criminal law.


Ponti & Partners was included among the “500 Best Lawyers and Corporate Law Firms“, selected by PBV Monitor for Capital magazine, published by Class Editori. The firm is one of the leading law firms in the North-East in three areas of expertise: Corporate and Commercial Law, Corporate Criminal Law, Administrative and Regulatory Law.


Ponti & Partners has been selected, for the second consecutive year, among the best “Law firms of the year 2020“, according to the research carried out by Statista for Il Sole 24 ORE, in collaboration with Guida al diritto.


The Ponti & Partners firm was listed among “The Best Lawyers and the Best Corporate Law Firms 2020” in the exclusive book published by Class Editori, which divides firms and lawyers into: Elite (the top 10), Best (from 11 to 20), Selected (from 21).
Ponti & Partners falls into categories:

Elite in the practice “Penal Law

Selected in the practices “M&A Mid Market”, “M&A Small Cap” and “Public Law”.



Finance Monthly Deal Maker Of The Year Awards 2019



Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2018 – Ponti&Partners “Corporate Law Firm of the Year”


Legalcommunity Italian Awards 2018 – Luca Ponti “Lawyer of the Year – Corporate Criminal Law – Friuli Venezia Giulia”


LOY Banking and Finance Awards 2018 – Ponti&Partners “Law Firm of the Year – North-Est”



Toplegal Awards 2015 – Studio Ponti “Law Firm of the Year – North”



Le Fonti Awards 2013 – Luca Ponti “Best Lawyer in the field of Boutique of Excellence”



Le Fonti Awards 2013 – Studio Ponti “Best Law Firm in the field of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”